RDS Overview

RDS church management software makes ministry manageable.

  • Integrated 32 and 64 bit applications
  • Fund accounting
  • Member demographics
  • Child check-in
  • Event & Facility scheduler
  • Unlimited groups
  • Attendance and follow-up
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Credit/Debit card and ACH integration
  • All in one relational database
  • Pricing

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 desktop church software

  • RDS Advantage© church software applications are installed on your personal server, and accessed by workstations, laptops, tablets and/or cell phones.
  • Remote access can be used with Terminal Services, Remote Desktop or third party remote applications.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities.
  • Download updates from the RDS website.
  • Toll-free support is provided with an annual agreement.
  • Full accounting and finance features.

 church software cloud hosted

  • RDS Connect© is hosted on a Tier III data center using Cloud technology.
  • SaSS—this is Software as a Secure Service.
  • All RDS Advantage© applications and accounting are included.
  • Data security, backup, updates, software and hardware administration are provided.
  • Use 32 and 64 bit Windows, Mac and Linux PC’s.
  • Toll-free support is included.
  • Secure full functioning web-based church software
  • More on RDS Connect

Software Features

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Client Testimonials

 From a Fourteen Year User of RDS:

"After the tornadoes hit Moore, Oklahoma in 2013, we started to receive donations to our disaster relief fund from all over the world.

Before this, we did not have a system of online credit card payments, whereby donors could go to our website and enter their information. With the event of the tornado we realized how crucial it was to be able to receive payments by ACH withdrawal or credit card, especially in dealing with donors in different time zones.

As a 14 year user of RDS, we turned to them for help. At that time, they suggested Paypros. We used that for a while, but noticed that it did not provide some of the conveniences that donors experience in other online portals. In January Dick Webber contacted me to suggest we switch to Vanco Services. Even though the thought of changing to another service was daunting, time-wise, I realized, in the long run with the easy integration of payments into A/R and F/R of RDS, this would save valuable processing time. Vanco personnel made the transition very smooth, and the “look” is customizable. The reports are emailed to me, and to the donor, and alert me whenever an online payment is made. With our donors able to create accounts which store their information, this is a much more “user friendly” online portal. The emails that are sent to the donors give them confidence that their funds have been received, and processed, and I don’t have to stop and process the payment… Now I’m processing all VANCO payments once a week – on Fridays.. It works very well. I process it in RDS, and send out the acknowledgments/ receipts through email… it’s great!Our donors are more apt to use it over and over, for years to come. Make the switch today!!!"

 Cheryl  Byrd, Rotary Club of Oklahoma City


"Installing the RDS Connect Cloud-hosted system has been a completely seamless transition! To be able to log in from home to answer an email or phone questions…..priceless! You've also got the best support team of any software I've worked with; I'll always be a fan of RDS. Thanks again!"

 Sherry Eggleston, Accountant, Moore First United Methodist Church


"Thanks also for being a great partner in reaching and discipling people at Northwest. I not only have the highest confidence in your software, but have also been touched by the passion God has given you to help churches do a better job of reaching people. Through the quality of your software, you have saved me untold hours which were able to be invested in sharing Christ and discipling men. Thanks for being a partner in ministry. By using the RDS Advantage VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone messaging, in a matter of minutes we were able to quickly get a message to the 3,000 of our Katrina volunteers. We are grateful for your heart for the Lord and your willingness to serve us as we served Him. On behalf of Oklahoma Southern Baptist, Thank you,"

Bob Shelton, Cooperative Program/Stewardship Specialist, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma


"I just want to say how much I appreciate the RDS staff. I inherited the RDS Administrator duties this year due to the departure of Pastor Carol who previously administered the RDS functions. Along with that…I inherited the “dreaded” (or, so I imagined it to be) year end closeout procedure. I was honestly fearful about this---I’d never done it before and I knew the importance of doing it correctly.

Having said that…today I called Cindra. To put it simply….she’s amazing. In 10 minutes or so, the entire archive and closeout procedure was finished. I cannot fully convey what a relief this was to me!

This is why I’ll always be a “Cheer Leader” for RDS. Yes, you provide a paid service---but, it goes far beyond the mere boundaries of client/service provider relations. Your staff is personable, professional, and just perfect! I will not ramble on as I could. Suffice it to say Cindra is one of my newest heroes! (heroine!) Thank you, be blessed…and may the Favor of God rest on you and yours."

Larry Shafer, Cape First Assembly of God, Cape Girardeau, MO



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